Photonics Group Members:


Dr. Ernest A. Michael
Associate Professor
Tel.: +56 2 297-84095
ResearcherID: A-4650-2012

 PI of all long-term projects:
  • Concept, Design and Proof-of-Principle of a Fiber-based Infrared Heterodyne Interferometer
  • Photonic THz-generation
    • Design and Micro-Fabrication of UTC-Photodiode- and MIM-Terahertz Travelling-Wave (TW) Mixers
    • frequency mixing in NLO-crystals
    • Development of a NIR Laser Synthesizer based on an Optical Comb Generator
    • High-resolution molecular submm/THz-spectroscopy


Dr. Enrique Moreno
Tel.: +56 2 297-71063
ResearcherID: M-7793-2017
Applied mathematics.
Theoretical electrodynamics.
Interaction of electromagnetic radiation and matter.
Optical technology in the THz band.
Technology based on semiconductors and solid state physics.

Ex-PhD Students
Dr. Victor H. Calle G.
Simulations of UTC-Photodiodes 
HFSS, CST-Microwave and TCAD

Mr. Nicolas Ramos
Lab Manager

Mr. Felipe Besser
Infrared Heterodyne Interferometer: 
overall experiment and integration
telescope-to-fiber coupling, 
phase difference stabilization

Undergrad Student Assitants

Clemente Pollarolo
programming for lab instruments data aquisition,
fiber phase stabilization 

Roberto Fuentes
ROACH digital correlator programming

Miguel Pina
design and implementation of electronics

Former Professionals

Alexander Urrutia
Part-time Electrical Engineer,
Universidad de Frontera, Temuco 
help in laser synthesizer electronics in 2013/2014-I

Former Postdocs
Dr. Jerald Ramaclus
Development of non-linear optical organic crystals for THz-generation and infrared frequency mixing. 

Former PhD students
Dr. Jorge A. Castillo D.
PhD in Jan 2014
"Study on the limiting Factors of a Coherent Optical Fiber Link, Applied to Phase Transfer for Femtosecond Synchronization"


Claudio M. Barrientos Z.
Fabrication and testing of UTC-Photodiodes
Microfabrication at Chalmers MC2 Cleanroom

Jaime Álvarez

Fabrication and testing of MIM-Junctions 
Microfabrication at TU Delft Cleanroom 

Laurent Pallanca
Optical Engineer

Near-infrared heterodyne interferometer,
Free-beam and fiber-optics,
heterodyne detection with photodiodes

Former Memoristas

Felipe Besser
Infrared Heterodyne Interferometer:
"Diseño y testeo de un sistema magneto mecánico de posicionamiento de fibra óptica",
Graduación 2015

Roberto Román
Photonic Sideband Separating Receiver:
"Demonstación experimental de un separador de bandas fotónico",
Graduación 2014

Pedro Abraham Sánchez Morales
Infrared Heterodyne Interferometer:
"Programación de una Placa ROACH como Correlador para un Interferómetro de Infrarrojo Cercano",
Graduación 2013

Manuel Antonio Mata Mata
Submm/THz photodiodes:
"Simulaciones de Fotodiodes Monopolares de Onda Viajera para Aplicaciones en Tera-Hertz",
Graduación 2013

Cristóbal Tomás Vío Lagos
Infrared Heterodyne Interferometer:
"Interferometro Infrarroja Heterodino de Bajo Costo Basado en Fibra Optica para la Astronomía: Primeras Instalaciones y Pruebas en el Laboratorio",
Graduación 2012

Juan Pablo Robledo Leiva
Submm/THz photodiodes:
"Simulaciones Electromagneticas Computacionales de Fotodiodos TW-UTC",
Graduación 2012

Former Undergrad Student Assistants

 Rodolfo Prado
 Development Assistant, Infrared Heterodyne Interferometer:
 Initial work for phase difference stabilization
 Álex Ahumada
 Support Assistant, Laser Synthesizer 2013
 Luz Ávalos

 Administrative Assistant  2013
 Catalina Elzo
 Development Assistant, Photonic Sibeband Separating Receiver 2013
 Jaime Feller
 Support Assistant, Photonic Sibeband Separating Receiver 2013
 Carlos Fontenelle
 EE Memorista UFRO
 Management and Development Coordinator,
 Laser Synthesizer, Photonic Sideband Separating  Receiver
 Sergio Gallardo
 DIE, UChile
 Support Assistant, TW-MIM-Tunneling Junctions 2012-2013
 Javier de la Fuente
 Support Assistant 2013
 Cecilia Ibarra
 Support Assistant, Laser Synthesizer 2013
 Cristian Jara 
 Administration Assistant, Laser synthesizer, Photonic sideband separating receiver 2013
 Ignacio López
 Research Assistant, Laser Synthesizer 2013
 Ignacio Maldonado
 Support Assistant, Photonic Sideband Separating Receiver 2013
 José Marroquín
UTFSM, Valparaiso
 Support Assistant, Photonic Sibeband Separating Receiver, Test Interferometer,  Webpage Design 2012-2013
 Hugo Mercado
 Support Assistant  2013
 Nicolás Miranda

 Support Assistant, Near-Infrared Interferometer
 mechanical engineering & astronomy student
 Ignacio Noriega
 Support Assistant, Photonic Sideband Separating Receiver 2013
 Rodrigo Oróstica

 Support Assistant, Laser Synthesizer 2013
 Javier Rojas 

 Extension Assistant 2013
 Miguel Soto
 Support assistant, Photonic Band Separator 2013
 Nicolás Soto 
 UTFSM, Valparaiso
 Support Assistant, Heterodyne Interferometer 2012-2013
 David Valenzuela
DIE, UChile
 Support Asistant, Laser Synthesizer, Near-Infrared Interferometer 2013
 Rodrigo Valenzuela
 Support Assistant 2013